Funny Phone Pics | Antiphone T-shirt

T-shirts for a phone-free lifestyle

Family, Friends and Phones

Be sure to remind those who are around you just how important they are.

I’ll have a beer, and my phone will have the chicken tenders and fries.

This guy has got to be stupid. Hold her hand you moron, not your phone!

Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy. Sunshine on my screen makes it hard to read!

It is a beautiful day to take your phone out for a walk!

Good thing I brought my phone. These people are boring me to death.

I have my phone, my drink and bar glass firmly in my grasp. Oh, yes, and my child on a crossover hold.

Might as well take a nap. She is not paying attention to me, anyway.

Embracing the art of ‘touchscreen distancing’ She’s texting her way through life, one step at a time

Seamlessly juggling digital leash and physical, her phone stowed in the bra-bank

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